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Releasing solar energy potential, everywhere.

Revolutionizing the accessibility of renewable energy for everyone

With our aesthetically designed solar ports, we will transform local parking lots, garden houses, and other ported areas into local energy sources, without compromising their original purpose and while respecting the local ecosystem of nature, animals, people, and economic values.

Build your local energy source

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The combination of creative engineering, greenhouse knowledge and solar energy experience.

I've known Flexibell Group since my time at Esdec Solar Group. Pierre and his team were always dedicated to engineering smart and sustainable mounting solutions. Two years ago, I discovered the carport prototype and was instantly fascinated. With my knowledge of the global solar panel mounting industry, I recognized its exceptional qualities. Our system holds tremendous potential, not just for renewable energy generation but also for versatile use at the installation site. Climate change brings various challenges, such as energy transition and water management. Enhancing an open parking lot with additional functions is personally gratifying.

Wouter de RoosCEO / Co-founder Energy Ports

‘As far as I can remember, I have always been immersed in the art of making, solving, and creating. This perpetual drive to seek smarter approaches was amplified during my early years in the Greenhouse industry. Eventually, it led me to establish Flexibell, where I introduced pioneering solutions for the greenhouse and solar sectors. Motivated by the scarcity of land and the challenges faced by the solar industry, I embarked on a mission to develop the most efficient carport system available in the market. This integrated carport solar system encompasses a multitude of remarkable features: versatile utilization of ground space, swift installation, minimal on-site packaging, modularity, water-tightness, self-sufficiency, and flexibility, among others. Collaborating with Wouter and Adri (BOAL Group), our shared vision is to revolutionize the carport market and make a positive contribution towards fostering a more sustainable world fueled by renewable energy.’

Pierre BellCo-founder Energy Ports / CEO Flexibell

‘Ever since I joined the BOAL Group, I have had the opportunity to propel sustainability within our company. Today it is at the heart of our business and one of the key levers for our continued success. For me sustainability is a motivator to what we do every day. That is why I was keen to join forces with Pierre and Wouter to jointly bring an innovative product to the market which will contribute to the energy transition. Our Energy Ports are uniquely positioned to harvest the power of the sun and to further decarbonize the transport sector towards a net-zero emission mobility system. That's extremely promising outlook!’

Adri PolsCo-founder Energy Ports / CEO Boal Group

Fully integrated canopy solution

Unlike traditional solar panels installed with separate mounting systems, Energy Ports offers a fully integrated solution by seamlessly incorporating glass-glass solar panels into the canopy structure with cable management. With the inclusion of gutters, poles, and cable management, Energy Ports maximize energy production and allow rainwater harvesting while simultaneously providing shade, shelter, and fulfilling their original purpose of parking. We call it the 4-purpose solution.

All-inclusive water management system

Energy Ports roofs are water-sealed and equipped with a robust water management system that ensures efficient collection and drainage of rainwater from the roof to ground level. It offers carport owners the opportunity to collect, store, and reuse water in a way that addresses the challenges of climate change.

Quick and simple installation

Energy Ports are designed for hassle-free installation. The modular structures, pre-engineered components, and integrated cable management allow for easy and rapid installation and future maintenance, saving time and cost. The carports can be used for utility-scale projects or smaller urbanized parking areas. Almost any location is suitable.

Compliant with all Climate Zones

Energy Ports are engineered to comply with the requirements of various climate zones. Whether you’re in a hot and arid desert or a cold and snowy region, these carports are built to withstand extreme weather conditions using sustainable materials. From high-wind zones to heavy snow loads, solar carports provide the necessary strength and resilience to thrive in diverse climates, backed by a 15-year guarantee.

And here are some examples of application

Curious about the possibilities Energy Ports can offer you?

Energy Ports is a joint venture founded by FLEXIBELL Systems, BOAL Group, and Wouter de Roos. Each party brings its own expertise and network, united by a common purpose: Releasing solar energy potential for everybody, everywhere.’
The combination of Flexibell Group’s creative engineering power, BOAL Group’s extensive greenhouse knowledge, network, and experience, and Wouter de Roos’ experience and extensive network in the solar industry adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Frequently asked questions

What type of solar panel do you use?

As a standard, we use the 144-cell Dual-Glass Monocrystalline 445-450W Solar Module from JETION Solar. Energy Ports has its dedicated production line at JETION, ensuring maximum guarantees on product quality and performance. You can find more details in the spec sheet available for download.

What is the standard height of the carports?

For commercial parkings, the height is 3,500mm for car parking and 4,500mm for truck parkings.

What is the standard spacing between the poles?

We express the span in terms of the gutter direction. Along the gutter direction, we use 5,400mm intervals with a maximum span of 10,800mm between two poles. In the opposite direction of the gutter, we use an interval of 4,000mm with a maximum span of 16,000mm between two poles.

Who are Energy Port customers?

We primarily cater to commercial and industrial customers as a B2B company. Our customers can be parking or ground owners whom we serve comprehensively, including battery storage and energy management. We also supply our system to installers and EPC companies. Distributors for the SME and residential markets are expected to be available next year.

Why is water management so important for a solar carport?

Managing rainwater is essential for several reasons. Firstly, climate change brings intense rainfall and prolonged drought periods. Installing a carport system solely focused on energy production is not futureproof. Our system gives owners the ability to adapt to climate changes by harvesting rainwater. Additionally, in urban areas, legislation demands rainwater management for covered constructions. Our system provides an easy and cost-effective way to comply with these regulations and contributes to keeping the area cooler by preventing urban heat stress.

What is the light transmittance of the panels?

The panels have a light transmittance of 5%. This provides enough shade to prevent the car from overheating while allowing sufficient light for visibility and facilitating the use of green solutions on the ground. Moreover, since the panels are bifacial, the backside also generates energy through the reflection of light from objects at ground level.

What sets Energy Ports apart from the competition?

In addition to our product features, Energy Ports offer four purposes in an aesthetically pleasing manner: solar energy generation, water management, shelter, and parking. Most competitors can only provide two or three purposes, often detracting from the visual appeal of the surroundings.

Are you meeting ESG standards?

Yes, but… We prioritize the use of recycled materials whenever possible, and our sources comply with ESG norms. However, our product consists of steel, glass, and aluminum, which have a significant carbon footprint. On the other hand, our system can be 100% recycled at the end of its life. Our company and engineers are dedicated to our ESG/SDG policies, and we have minimized packaging in the supply chain. We continue to strive for a lower footprint with our products.

Do you use any packaging?

We use close to “zero” packaging for the mounting structure. This is achieved through smart engineering and design. Construction sites have long faced packaging waste issues, and we aim to minimize this problem.